HeartThread Testimonials


“My session with Raphael was very powerful, moving and uplifting. I truly felt the deep connection to my heart and the healing energy flowing through it. It is quite a unique experience to hear the wisdom of my own heart being mirrored back to me in a concise and eloquent way. I have experienced many healing modalities over the years and I find Heart Thread to be one of the most deeply moving. Highly recommended.” Phil.


I have experienced my first HeartThread session about 2 weeks ago from Raphael. This modality will recalibrate your system to the highest codes that are living in your heart, the codes of your soul evolution. Possibly your mind does not hear them clearly in your ordinary consciousness because at this time on Earth we are still listening to thoughts rather than those still mysterious messages of the heart. We are not yet used to this language for ourselves… still in need of radical transformation of what we believe in… When someone else reads for you the codes that are embedded in your own heart, you may listen with greater attention, you may believe more firmly what you heart is telling you, it is all about the alignment between your conscious mind and your soul – the soul ready to be wholeheartedly embodied ❤  Isa V


Here is an email sent by Dena to her students following a recent HeartThread phone session after a recommendation from Nicole (see below)

Hello Lovelies,

As all of you are aware, after a fall (two years ago), I have been in extreme pain which has limited my activities. Night time has been the worst… I spent every evening nearly in tears. I have been on medication for over a year and a half for nerve pain… had 3 spinal epidurals and still have barely been barely eking by. This past Thursday (at the advice from 2 very close friends) I had a ‘Heart Thread’ session with Raphael (see below). Since my session (over the phone for one hour), pain levels dropped from a 7-8 (on a 1-10 scale) to a 1 or 2!!

The session went like this:

A quick hello… followed by a beautiful meditation and calling in ‘unseen helpers’ (angels and such)… and then you simply repeat whatever Raphael says. That’s it! He promptly sends you an MP3 recording so that you can listen again.

What does he say? No doubt this is different for each person, but some of mine was, “Oh my poor neck and shoulders… you have been so tight… all of that tension can just melt away…”. He also ‘brought in’ my mother and my younger self to clear issues there.        Much of the ‘language’ that he used was TOTALLY from my dictionary (ease and grace, Sacred Body Temple, not good or bad – right or wrong…) It was outstanding!          Raphael went in ‘blind’ (I mean, we did not speak of my spine issues, mother issues, etc)

If you have physical, emotional or mental pain, suffer from trauma, fear, drama, (who doesn’t??) really anything that you perceive as a ‘holdback’ please check out Raphael’s work and see if it speaks to you.

From a session at a HeartThread workshop at The Co Creator’s Convergence in Loveland, CO, early June 2017:

Raphael is a true healer. He was able to gently identify and release the pain from both my physical and emotional bodies. I am so thankful for the time and healing I received from him.                                                                                                                                 Nicole/Nikki

Testimonial after HeartThread workshop, March 5th, 2017

Raphael  is a clear and open channel of Divine Love. His calm and peaceful essence exudes from him. I felt very safe, comforted and able to let go. The Heart Thread technique is loving, supportive and direct. Repeating everything he said felt crucial to me in accepting the truths he was bringing forth. I came away knowing I had released my fears in moving forward and feeling a profound sense of peace.  As a healer myself it was an honor to receive from Raphael and I will recommend him and the Heart Thread technique to my clients and friends.
Some more Testimonials – from Unify Fest, 2016:





Here is the latest testimonial I received from a guest at the Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort in Santa Fe from my most recent HeartThread presentation and sessions:

Thank you again for the work you did with me and David last week

“As a mental health professional, I was a bit guarded about attending a HeartThread session with Raphael.  While staying at Sunrise Springs Resort in August of 2016, my husband and I thought we would try something new together, and I’m very happy we attended a HeartThread session with Raphael.  He truly has a unique gift, and provided us both with insight, compassion, and guidance that really did fit for us, given where we were in our lives.   I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone open to inviting inspiration, guidance, and healing.  Remember to record the session, if you are able.”

Kathy, Ph.D.


“Raphael’s healing touch, compassion and attunement to the highest good have been a healing balm for myself, my family and the community at large. His gifts are many and his heart is so big. He is a blessing to have around”
Amata of Amata Chiropractic.


I am still processing the information you gave me at Sunrise Springs last week. It was exactly what I needed to hear and has helped to keep me grounded. I only wish there had been an opportunity to record or write down all the information. It has been hard to reenter the phrenetic world of Los Angeles after such a spiritual experience.
Here is my testimonial:
“I was somewhat skeptical as I first sat down for my Heart Thread session with Raphael Weisman but it was soon very clear to me that he does indeed channel information and guidance from those on a higher spiritual plane. I am still processing what I heard but that advice has evoked a calmness and grounding I have not experienced for some time. Thank you.”      Marilyn M. 

Magdelion leads Permaculture Village Immersions. Here is her testimonial to the effect that HeartThread has for ensuring that her immersions become heart-full and more effective as old patterns that normally disrupt these gatherings become minimized.