John Henry

John Henry is the name of an Angel who was recently incarnated on Earth and completed his cycle of Human lives. He has brought us the HeartThread Practice that assists to heal and release old conditioning and imprints from the body that control our lives. He shares with us:

“When I went and studied and asked many different Avatars, “What is the secret to healing, what is the secret to peace, what is the secret to relationship and to all of these aspects of duality that unifying seems impossible to provide for humanity?” “What is it that we should be doing?”; Every single energy system that has existed in this beginning-less time of human evolution said, “The Heart”. This is the place through which all collective energies, in other words, the karma, gets erased and cleaned.”

The following channeling is by Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Reflections from John Henry: A Once Human Angel

I began my current stream of lives in 1800 and ended that stream in 1994. You each have a stream of lives that encompass certain aspirations and intentions, just as I did. Mine, beginning in 1800, was to find the pathway for the heart to express easily and freely. I found numerous challenges to that intention, which I fully began to explore after I left the body in 1994.

I studied and perused the efforts of humans (myself included, of course) to conquer this thing called love. To find it, use it, regulate it, control it, send it, feel it, receive it, and find happiness from it. I searched and searched for a formula to assist us all to fully understand and grok this thing called heart, this thing called love.

Because I don’t have a physical body at present, I am able to travel through time and interview many wise ones about the process of unifying the inner and outer aspects of our relational weave. I asked men, women, avatars, sages and shamans, religious and secular representatives of our human destiny about the fate of humanity. What will be the outcome of our current dualism—the divide that seems unbreachable?

In the last 22 earth years, since leaving the planet for the last time, I have explored the deeper meaning of life through the application of the heart/love field. I can find no greater area to focus on than this. The truth of the field of the heart and the field of love is ready, it seems to me, to be brought to a much fuller and more accessible process so that we can all enjoy the moments that we are given in the most harmonious and peaceful way.

It is my full intention to share this understanding with you and to remove the barriers and blinders that seem to arise when the heart is spoken of and when we “try” to love.

For many eons, the light of humanity has been regulated through the mind’s vessel. The heart has been a secondary point of focus and intent. Love has been used as a word to define when we are in a state of caring, and has been overused in terms of how we see, feel and regulate our own bodily balance and health.

Being in the heart is seen or believed to be good and the only time when we can be loving. Being in the heart has become synonymous with being able to love. Conversely, if one wants to love or be loving, the indication for this is to be in the heart—the belief that love comes from the heart and if one is not in the heart one cannot love. If one is loving then one’s heart must be open.

This focus on the duo of love and heart has caused many a challenge to the growth and liberation of the human spirit. Because I care deeply about the outcome of the human free-will experiment, when I traveled through time and asked these many avatars how we might open and shift the heart-love continuum, I requested the answer so that balance is possible ALL THE TIME. I wanted to know how to achieve the balance between the inner states of the heart’s rhythm—our relationship with our self, and the outer experience of inter-relational connection—our relationship with others. Both of these areas of focus are necessary if we are to pin this down and live the inner and outer in balance, simultaneously.

Creating a Field to Integrate our Heart and the Essence of Love

How do we create a loving field so that the heart remembers the frequency of Oneness? How do we sustain the field of the heart so that love flows freely. There are two questions here, two areas of focus, and two ways of going at this.

*What is your focus, the heart or love itself?

The first question is which do you wish to focus on—the heart or the love? You will have an instinctive answer and one that will guide how this unfolds for you. Settle down and focus. Which is the strongest for you? Take the images and feelings that arise, the memories or the indications and just go there with them. Wherever they take you, go. What happens when you focus either on the love or the heart? Do you find that you can focus on either the heart or the love and end up in the same place? A place of inclusion, peace and balance? That is the key here.

When we contact the location of the heart, love is there. When we feel love, we open the location called “heart.” Its as if they are connected through thin but strong threads.

The Threads of the Heart Field

 Through the focus on the location of heart instead of the dogma and belief system associated with being “heart-full” or “having a good heart” or a “big heart” or “always being loving”, we immediately understand that there are threads that associate the love with the heart.

These threads are steady, constant, and already made, already present. We do not have to search for them or fight other feelings to get to them. The decision to focus on the heart as a location or love as an essence immediately brings the two aspects together, regardless of whatever else is there—whatever else we might be feeling or experiencing. There are threads that associate the love with the heart and also that associate love with all other beings, all other organisms. The threads are held in a weave that overcomes or overrides the “normal” way of distinguishing between us and them, me and you, me and others.

The beauty of the heart thread is that it does not have limits, does not draw boundaries and does not separate us from ANYTHING. The heart threads are indelibly linked to breath and life. They were put in place when we were conceived and strengthened when we were born, from our first heartbeat. We linked to our moms and then to others in our families through these threads. We learned that the threads are how we experience love, how love is expressed in the human family.

Even when we experience hatred, prejudice or judgment, there is always love there. Even when we don’t feel love or think its not possible to feel love, love surfaces again and again and we learn that it won’t go away. No matter how we try, we keep searching for it and doing our best to reinstate the thread, even if we don’t actually feel it at that moment. Love shows up, finds us, reminds us that we truly want to find a way to love and be loved. We know love hasn’t disappeared as much as we are deciding to no longer acknowledge it.

HeartThread: A Way to Strengthen our Heart’s Threads

Developing our awareness and connection with our heart’s threads is reinforced through a process called HeartThread, (HT) which I developed over many years to assist with the integration of the heart and the essence of love. HT brings the existing connection of our heart’s threads into our conscious mind to more fully reflect our innate ability to create the kind of relationships and experiences that are based in the field of love, the field of the heart. HeartThread is a simple, effective way to focus our attention on the location of the heart and feel the threads that connect us to all life.

The benefits of HT are many. We realize our innermost beliefs about love, and that includes loving ourselves. We remember times that we were shut off from the heart’s threads and how that has affected our whole life. We realize how the beliefs and opinions we now live by affect our health and wellbeing. Not only does the absence of our connection with these threads affect our relationships, this disconnection is felt on our innermost levels, in our organs and systems, as well. Feelings of being lost, alone, separate, different, unloved, or disrespected with no voice affects how our bodies function and how safe, grounded and aware we are. Inner struggles with balance and power in life situations wear away at our stamina, inner strength and resolve.

With HeartThread the inner voice of the body speaks and we find our way back to our loving nature, receiving and giving love through a field of the heart that remembers how to live in harmony and balance, inside and out.

Channeled by Flo Aeveia Magdalena

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