John Henry

John Henry is the name of an Angel who was recently incarnated on Earth and completed his cycle of Human lives. He has brought us the HeartThread Practice that assists to heal and release old conditioning and imprints from the body that control our lives. He shares with us:

“When I went and studied and asked many different Avatars, “What is the secret to healing, what is the secret to peace, what is the secret to relationship and to all of these aspects of duality that unifying seems impossible to provide for humanity?” “What is it that we should be doing?”; Every single energy system that has existed in this beginning-less time of human evolution said, “The Heart”. This is the place through which all collective energies, in other words, the karma, gets erased and cleaned.”

He now is offering his wisdom, guidance and humor is a series of channeled conversations that address your questions and challenges, through the vehicle of Raphael Weisman at The Casita, A Healing Collective, 313 Camino Alire, Santa Fe each 4th Tuesday of the month from 7:15 – 9:15 PM                                                                                   Suggested donation is $15-20

VoiceOfTheHeartReflections from John Henry