About Healing The Scars


Healing the Scars, Inc is a New Mexico non profit organization that was founded as a container for the purpose of spreading HeartThread around the world and providing services, programs, relief and tools for those affected by the devastating effects of war, violence, abuse and trauma and for the training of providers of these services. HTS is a vehicle for the ministry of Raphael Weisman, the founder. This ministry offers a comprehensive approach to providing assistance that weaves together a variety of modalities such as HeartThread, Art-, Dance- and Music- Therapies, professional and ministerial counseling services, Nature and Animal oriented programs, sustainable agriculture programs, spiritual and somatic practices and ceremony.

         HTS plans to offer services that include residential programs, collaborations with existing institutions and collaborations and with grassroots communities. The focus is on providing a sense of safety and well being while restoring a sense of purpose and direction so memories and patterns of conditioned responses to difficult emotions and dis-functionality can be addressed and diffused, restoring the person’s ability to live a happy, productive  and sustainable life. It provides opportunities for recognizing the interconnectedness of all life and respect for all cultures, ethnicities, traditions, ages and genders. It provides opportunities for constituents from differing and sometimes opposing sides of cultural, national and religious divides to come together in healing councils to transcend difference and animosities by recognizing the common humanity that all humans embody and honoring the common pain that is part of all human experience.

There is a deep longing arising in the hearts of so many I have spoken with for community. Not just a group of friends with whom to share common visions and goals, but living communities where children can grow up in safety, where people can live in harmony with the Earth, producing healthy food and providing for the needs of the elderly and respect for all life and everyone, as well as the creatures, the elements and Mother Earth. I have carried this vision for so many years now and have considered a particular piece of land in Northern New Mexico as holding a tremendous potential to be this vision in manifestation. It is where I would also like to create a healing sanctuary where the vision and purposes of Healing The Scars can manifest. I am revisiting my older drafts of this community vision to generate a vision outline and proposal for the establishment of this community and the residential trauma center

Healing the Scars trains people around the world in the use of HeartThread. It is especially interested in helping to release the patterns of trauma and victimization from those affected by war, violence and abuse. One of the initial focuses of activity of HTS is to teach people how to heal themselves and each other, using HeartThread and other techniques.

HeartThread is designed to release conditioned patterns held in the body.  When we become consciously aware of our patterns, shifts occur in the body, mind, emotion and spirit, which, when released, allow us to live without restriction and fear. Our entrainment begins in the womb and throughout our lives we are conditioned into absorbing and exhibiting behavior patterns and belief systems that are in direct contradiction to our inherent nature.  Becoming the author of our own life means learning to live a congruent life. As we remove conditioning, we live congruently from our essence.

Here is an interview with Flo Aeveia Magdalena of Soul Support Systems with Raphael about Healing The Scars:

Healing the Scars organized the event Live As One, Occupy the Heart, on the 11th November, 2011 (11/11/11)

HTS is also active in promoting awareness about the respect for our natural resources and living a life in harmony with Nature and the Earth. The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group was founded by me to promote ceremonies and consciousness raising activities to respect and bless the Waters of the Earth, build and perform community Medicine Water Wheel ceremonies and to honor World Water Day (March 22nd). The group collaborates with Indigenous peoples and consciousness raising events and festivals.

Healing the Scars is a collaboration with Soul Support Systems, which is its fiscal non profit umbrella.

For information on workshops, Facilitator Trainings or to schedule a session, contact:

Raphael Weisman

Phone: (575) 770 1228



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