Live As One 11/11/11

Live As One

Healing the Scars and Soul Support Systems organized a global link up event called Live As One 11/11/11. It was the time of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy New Mexico and Veteran’s Day. At the event Joy Regina Melchizedek and Dotty Woodward attended, representing soul support Systems. we had a unique moment during Joy’s channeling when the local radio station called me for an interview with the Veterans For peace and Joy was able to channel a message to all veterans over the radio. We did a global hook-up at 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM and blessed the Waters that were on the special Altar. At the closing ceremony, my daughter Grace spontaneously took the bowl of water that had been there all day and brought it round the circle for everyone to receive the blessing we had instilled into the water.

Here is a video of Joy Regina Melchizedek’s channeled message:

On the 11th November, 2011 our planet experienced one of the most powerful alignments in its history. 11/11/11 is a deeply significant aspect of consciousness. As a species, we had an opportunity on that day to shift the critical mass on the Earth, in co-operation with all the other species, from a paradigm of separation to Union. This opportunity to raise our level of consciousness was co-ordinated in such a way, that the experience of 2012 could become one of joy and hope instead of fear and destruction. All the forces of Universal Law respond to the intent of Humanity to move beyond greed, violence and war into a field of Oneness. We recognize our inter-connectedness as the true reality on this planet.


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There is more information on Live As One, Honoring All Life on the Live As One blog.

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