Equinox 2019-51
Photo credit: Milan Boudewijn Tettero

           HeartThread honors the wisdom of the body, the power of the heart and the interconnectedness of all life.  It is a “place” in consciousness where one experiences a unified field that is based on oneness. Whilst in this “place”, we transcend our habitual feelings of separation and isolation. Within the “space” of the Heart Thread, we have access to the body’s stored memories. These may be long-forgotten or repressed memories of traumatic experiences that were imprinted during  our early childhood and stored in our unconscious mind and bodies.  This can even include pre-birth memories. You may even remember a time when a fragrance, word or image suddenly triggered a flood of feelings, visions or physical sensations from a distant past memory you had long ago forgotten.

Often, attached to these old experiences are sensory data like smells, sounds and visceral feelings. In addition, decisions, beliefs and attitudes become attached to these memories, that determine how we respond to people, events and situations in our lives. How we see reality, is largely based on unconscious imprinting and conditioning from our parents, siblings, peers and authority figures that goes on all the time from our earliest moments. Everything is recorded in our being. And in the cells of our bodies.   Over time these decisions, beliefs and attitudes become so reinforced by repetition and reflection, that they develop into patterns. We have come to see these patterns as who we are.


In the HeartThread, we are in a vibration of non-judgment and no-thought. We are not the patterns, the separated personality or ego. We are connected to all life. We have access to levels of awareness available to the heart, but hidden from the mind. The heart informs the mind of the patterns we are holding that we are ready to recognize and release. The heart uses the person’s voice. The mind and the cells hear what the body has to say and the pattern becomes conscious. Realizing that we are not that pattern, allows it to release. We begin to accept our inner authority over the conditioned one. We have more choice as to how to respond to old triggers.

Like peeling away the layers of the onion, we are attuning to our true self so more light can access us and we can access more light. As we peel away the layers, we constantly reintegrate and re-calibrate, for we are beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency. We respond to our challenges in a way that is more consistent with our true nature. We also feel more connected and the armor begins to soften. We recognize the benevolence of the Universe in giving us free will.  We learn to allow, recognize and appreciate the presence of grace in our lives. And we recognize how our own mind has been the cause of our suffering. We begin to understand that liberation (you can substitute many words, like peace, love, joy, abundance, etc) is an inside job. The “external” universe is a reflection of our inner one.P1000654

So, how do we access this space?

Take a few deep breaths and be aware of your shoulders. Raise and then drop the left shoulder, then do the same with the right. Then bring your left shoulder forward and then back, and then do the same with the right, settling back to center when you are done. This brings you into alignment with your left and right side, the above and the below and the past and the future, and places you in present time. Now place your right hand over your heart and the left on top of the right – giving and receiving simultaneously. Close your eyes and tune in to the vibration of the heart, feeling the peace. Begin to soften and feel the connection to your heart. Let it grow. When you feel the vibration, stay there for a while and then begin to feel a connection with the other hearts in your environment – in the room with you, or your house or workplace. Feel the fibers of your heart and the fibers of these hearts connecting as one. Then, as you feel the warmth, allow it to spread to all living things – to all hearts that beat; to everything that has a pulse, a rhythm of life. You are now experiencing the field of oneness. You are also sustaining that field.  Focus on the feeling, not a thought.

Photo credit: Milan Boudewijn Tettero

As you feel the space, be aware of words that might enter your mind, or a physical sensation, tight spot or other message that filters through. If it is about you, say it out loud and notice how your body responds. If the message is insistent, pay attention; verbalize it. You are in the HeartThread. In this vibration, you can talk to your cells, ask questions or develop your inner guidance. This is a way to use the HeartThread for personal benefit.

The HeartThread has many applications for healing and generating a field of co-operation. It is used in a therapeutic manner to help someone release patterns held in the body. This one-on-one modality is powerful and is practiced by a trained HeartThread Practitioner. The practitioner sits behind the person with hands on their back. The practitioner receives messages from the body and asks the “client” to repeat these messages. Often the client will feel different, even though they can’t pinpoint the exact nature of the change. Because the HeartThread field exists outside of space and time, it can be done over the phone and internet.

It can also affect our relationship with our past, and access and release old bonds with our ancestors that no longer serve us, or them.  It can bring into our awareness unseen guides, angels and spirit helpers who are here to serve. In group settings, like a 30/30 club or HeartThread Introduction evening, observers can clearly see the body balance and relax as areas that were out of alignment readjust themselves. In a HeartThread Introduction, I sometimes teach people how to work with each other using the HeartThread in peer sessions, where two people take turns to access the messages for each other. HeartThread can easily be incorporated into an existing practice like massage, psychotherapy, Reiki and many modalities where one can access messages from the cells and assist the patterns to be released during a treatment.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena leading a HeartThread Training in New Mexi

If you are interested in becoming a HeartThread Practitioner, please be in touch and refer to the Events page of this website as well as to the HTI and Soul Support Systems sites. There are many testimonials and photos on this  website from those who have received sessions and those who have attended our workshops. Please check them out. Let me know if you would like to organize a group for a workshop or a HeartThread Facilitator Training. I offer trainings and sessions in Santa Fe, NM and also in the Netherlands and hopefully soon in the UK in Glastonbury.

Raphael Weisman

Phone:      (575) 770 1228


2 thoughts on “HeartThread

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      HeartThread was received by Flo Aeveia Magdalena, the author of “I Remember Union”, the story of Mary Magdalena, and founder of Soul Support Systems. It was given to her by a “once human angel” who sought a way to assist Humanity to overcome suffering and restore each individual’s self authority by releasing old patterns of conditioning. He traveled throughout the Dimensions asking the Avatars, Holy Beings, Angels and Masters how he could assist Humanity and they all answered that the Heart was the way. So he developed this system and offers it now via those who have trained and train others as HeartThread practitioners.
      Healing The Scars is a NM non-profit that offers programs that incorporate HeartThread along with other modalities and is an organization that I founded to help those affected by trauma, war, violence abuse and a sense of isolation and hopelessness. It is the vehicle I have used for spreading HeartThread and is also my ministry, Raphael

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