HeartThread Sessions

What happens in a session? Is it safe? What can I expect from a HeartThread session? How does it look? How much is a session? Is there any processing?

Each HeartThread (HT) practitioner has a very unique style and approach. Essentially each practitioner follows a similar set of guidelines in order to ensure that the client is safe and feels comfortable. Each practitioner sets their own fees, often including a sliding scale. You can expect a range from about $45 – $150 for an approximately hour-long session. (I charge $120 with a sliding scale of $60 – $130).

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the practitioner who will explain what you can expect and what HeartThread is all about. You may be asked to fill out a waiver and provide your contact info. You will be asked for permission to touch you. This will usually be on the shoulders and back, sometimes also on the head or neck. The practitioner will inform you that they will be sitting behind you and (with permission) placing their hands on your back and receiving messages from the cells of your body which they will ask you to repeat.

Once you are both ready to proceed the practitioner will lead you in a guided meditation into the field of the heart. This can either be before or after the practitioner positions themselves behind you. You will be asked to place your right hand over your heart and the left hand on top of the right and focus on your breath, aligning yourself with above and below and becoming present in your body, with your feet or your seat connected to the Earth. They will ask you to tune in to their heart and do the same with you. The practitioner may call in your and their guides and angels, ask them to create a protective sphere of white light around you (both) and may invite any ancestors or energies who may wish to be present to come only in Light, Love and Service. This ensures a protected, safe space in which to work together.


The practitioner will provide tissues close at hand and may use a recording device to record your session, so you can hear it later. You will be able to inform the practitioner if your body becomes uncomfortable so you can adjust the position.

Once you are ready, they will ask or let you know that they are about to touch you on the back and they will then ask you to repeat the words that they receive from your cells, through message points on your back or through their ability to intuitively perceive (especially in a phone session). All the information is directly related to you and your individual situations, patterns or challenges. There is no “processing” or discussion and engaging in any conversation or mental process about the session afterwards is discouraged so the client can remain in the heart for as long as possible.

Some examples of these statements are: “I love my ___________”, “I am a powerful being”, “I am no longer lost”, “I receive clear guidance every day and I pay attention”, “I am completely worthy to receive love, ____, ____”, I am not alone”. The list is infinite and always tailored to the client.


Sometimes there will be periods of silence for a while. This may mean that the practitioner is waiting for the next flow of words or is allowing some integration time, or perhaps is calling down healing energy which you may feel. Sometimes you may feel heat or cold from the hands or in your body. You may feel a particular area release tension or pain. As each person is so different, many possibilities exist as to what may show up from this life or perhaps others to be released or integrated. The practitioner may receive images or have a message for the client and uses discretion how to present this material and incorporate these images or messages into words that can be said by the client



An ancestor or departed loved one may wish to be acknowledged, or may be invoked to be accountable for something, or for the release of past vows or agreements between you. You may sometimes be asked to forgive someone. You will never be asked to say or do anything that you are uncomfortable saying or doing. You can modify the word to suit you, you can say “no, I don’t want to say that”. You will almost always be offered an opportunity to have a guide, angel or power animal remain with you as your guide and support to take home with you. A session can be anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour and can cover a lot of “territory”, and is almost always an empowering experience. The “process” also empowers you to have a connection to your own guidance and intuition. 

The practitioner will inform you in some manner that the session is complete using words like “and so it is”, “thank you”, “Aho”, “we are complete”, etc. Usually you will feel lighter and more relaxed. Often after a session you may feel different, or that something has changed, but not know why or can’t put your finger on it. You may feel somewhat spaced out and need to rest.  Your practitioner will let you sit for a while to settle back in, and offer you a glass of water. They will inform you of the importance of rest, water and taking time to ground, like time to be out in Nature.100_0164

A session can be done over the phone or internet, in which case the practitioner will be receiving the information via their intuitive faculties. Because the field of the heart is a quantum field, the connection is as strong and the information just as accurate and appropriate.

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