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HeartThread Experience in Boulder CO Boulder HeartThread Experience Instead of a 3 day practitioner training, I am offering separate HeartThread Workshops on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday, with free sessions on the Sunday. See the FaceBook event page for details and to share with your Boulder Area friends. The schedule is still tentative as I wait to receive confirmation on… Continue reading HeartThread Experience in Boulder CO

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HeartThread in Evergreen, CO

HeartThread Training and Free Intro in Evergreen, CO HeartThread is a powerful transformational modality that allows us to release old patterns of conditioning, trauma and abuse from the cells of our body through the field of the Heart, a field of Safety, Alignment, Grace and Connection. The practitioner receives messages from the cells of the… Continue reading HeartThread in Evergreen, CO

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Free HeartThread Sessions

Free HeartThread Sessions HeartThread I SEE YOU,       I REMEMBER YOU,       I LOVE YOU , I CONNECT WITH YOU This is the essence of HeartThread. Experience HeartThread for yourself. One experience of HeartThread can change your life.  Receive a free HeartThread Session from our trainees Sunday, November 6th  3 –… Continue reading Free HeartThread Sessions

Events · healing · Heart · HeartThread · presentation · Testimonials · Training · Workshops

Testimonial from new HeartThread Practitioner

Judith Coleman completed her training as a HeartThread Practitioner this past weekend (September 30-Oct 2nd 2016. This is a testimonial from her about the training. Judith is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma. She just sent me an account of her first incorporation of HeartThread into a therapy session with a client on her return to… Continue reading Testimonial from new HeartThread Practitioner