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Valentine’s Day Self Discovery Radio

Their Story Matters and “for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Raphael Weisman, on air from February 13th on189830e0-0a23-434e-ae5b-ee93b00f1ab6.jpgJOIN SARA AND RAPHAEL AS THE TALK HEART, MUSIC AND VIBRATIONS.
Find out more and  Listen:

Raphael says that there is a deep longing arising in the hearts of so many I have spoken with for community. Not just a group of friends with whom to share common visions and goals, but living communities where children can grow up in safety, where people can live in harmony with the Earth, producing healthy food and providing for the needs of the elderly and respect for all life and everyone, as well as the creatures, the elements and Mother Earth. I have carried this vision for so many years now and have considered a particular piece of land in Northern New Mexico as holding a tremendous potential to be this vision in manifestation. It is where I would also like to create a healing sanctuary where the vision and purposes of Healing The Scars can manifest. I am revisiting my older drafts of this community vision to generate a vision outline and proposal for the establishment of this community and the residential trauma centre. 

Raphael is committed to bringing healing and comfort to those who benefit from the sound of the harp, seeing this vibration as a force for healing on the planet. He has developed a line of Therapy harps for use by those who are working with sick or dying patients. These new models also provide a line of economy harps which allow beginners to purchase an entry level harp at an affordable price, thus proliferating the use of harps in the world.

He is now semi-retired and living in Santa Fe, where he practices playing the flute and harp and is involved in consciousness-raising projects, such as the Santa Fe Water Awareness Group, Healing the Scars, and Heart Thread.

Listen online February 13th in time for Valentine’s Day

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